Our Henna Services

Parvin and Shabnam have been providing Henna artistic services for years now and are.

Ask about our pregnant tummy design! A great confidence booster as well as for photo opportunities.Check them out in our henna photo gallery.

Call Parvin in Toronto, Ontario at 647-367-7453 Call Shabnam in Washington (DC) at 703-828-4764

Henna designs with organic ink.
We do personal henna applications for hands, feet, legs, waist, back, neck and facial surfaces. If you want to add an exotic appeal to your persona, henna wil do that, and much more for you.
Henna parties.
From social club events, family occassions, wedding and bridal parties, our henna services add a unique and fun atmosphere while making your celebration even more memorable.
Street fairs and public events.
We particpate in community events such as fairs, trade shows, street markets, chidren's parties, park events etc.
Face painting services (DC)
We offer a professional face painting and body art for children's events, corporate parties, fairs and much more. Our service offers face painting and henna artists for any type of party, event or occasion in Washington, DC.